Kristen Poppert


Kristen Poppert LPC, is a child and family therapist with 10 years of clinical experience.  She went to St. Mary’s College and graduated magna cum laude in psychology.  During college, she received a research grant to study the effectiveness of Applied Behavior Analysis programs in the treatment of children with autism.  She started her career working with children with autism doing in home behavioral therapy. During this time she became a Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst.  She attended Pacific University and received her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.  She has presented her research during her graduate program at national conferences.  For the last six years, Kristen has worked in different outpatient clinical settings including community mental health, a large research hospital, and contributed to a successful private practice in Utah.

Kristen is passionate about bringing families together with interventions grounded in attachment research and neuroscience.  She infuses sessions with humor and playfulness to create an environment that is fun, creative, and nurturing.

She works with an strong commitment to kids, teens, and families to reach their goals using a combination of individual and parenting/family work. When families are willing to challenge themselves and continue to “show up” then amazing changes can happen.

Thriving Families is about fostering the growth and development of children and teens to trust in themselves, so they can create positive change for themselves and the world.




Kristen believes in several key principles:

  • Parenting is at its best when it is present and playful.
  • Children and teens gain important emotional regulation skills when they are kept close during hard times and tough emotion are embraced.
  • Kids learn best through correction and not punishment.
  • Lastly, we can’t lead our children to places we aren’t willing to go ourselves. This means parents have to be willing to do their own work in order to see the changes they want to in their children.

Kristen treasures the outdoors and can often be found exploring on the weekends.  She loves hiking, skiing, and paddle boarding with family, friends, and Lucy.  She has a yoga and mindfulness practice to help balance out her work life.  Kristen has a son and a stepson.  She went to Bend High and is excited to recently return to an area she loves.


When parenting is driven by fear, our children become what is feared. When parenting is driven by love and trust, our children become what we hope.

Kristen Poppert