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Welcome to Thriving Families

Child, Teen, and Family Counseling.

We are a team of mental health therapists that are here to support and guide kids, teens, and families to better health and wellbeing! We use innovative, effective, and research tested interventions.  Our therapists are compassionate and well trained.  

Whether seeking help for a current challenge or it has been a long, bumpy road, we are here to guide your family to a better place.   Seeking therapy and making changes can feel a bit daunting, so we are here to make sure you have the safety, education, and support you need to feel comfortable.

Therapy is done in a fun, creative, and nurturing environment so that kids and families look forward to their appointments while making progress on their goals.  Therapeutic interventions are based on neuroscience, research, and clinical experience.  

Thriving Families is about fostering the growth and development of children and teens to trust in themselves, so they can create positive change for themselves and the world. Thriving Families is here to support your family from surviving to thriving!

"Trust is not based on perfection in us as parents, but on our being available and present when our child needs us."

Dr. Davis Cross

We welcome clients of all races, ethnicities, religious/spiritual beliefs, genders, sexual orientations, and abilities.