Kristen has worked with wide range of kids and teens experiencing anxiety, depression, and the effects of trauma.  Here is sample of artwork created by previous clients (who lived in a different state) during the course of treatment.  All artwork and review by parent was unsolicited and permission was given to share.

I so appreciate your insight, expertise and most especially your kindness. Thank you for helping me learn how to parent my child with greater understanding and compassion.  When he’s not annoyed by me, I think he actually likes me!!  Thank you again for adding your light to my life.

Parent of an Adopted Child

Kristen has a terrific ability to connect with challenging clients.  She has a solid knowledge base and great experience. I confidently sent families to see her knowing they were in exceptional hands.

Michelle Benson

Pediatric psychiatric nurse, APRN

Kristen is awesome! She’s a skilled and talented therapist that brings enthusiasm and a sense of humor to her work.  She deeply cares about the families she works with and consistently develops a great relationship with her clients.  We were so sad to see her go.

Becky Pierce

LCSW, Former Employer